Plus Minius is professional and reliable Accounting Office. We offer comprehensive range of accounting services.

We posses broad knowledge of accountancy gained through co-operation with various kind of companies. We provide complete services to a fixed-rate companies, entities leading revenue and expenses ledger and to company, which run complete bookkeeping.

We treat every our customer in individual way. We’ll do our best to make our co-operation the most convenient for you. If you want, we can collect documents in advisable place and date. In care about data’s safety and the highest quality of our services, we use the most modern and reliable accounting software. Modern server with safeguards and advances procedures of making backup copies enable to safety and quick realization of entrusted task.

On the basis of the power of attorney we can represent you in legal controls, we can provide documentation and supervise run of inspection, it’s all happened without the need of your attendance.

We bear full responsibility for performed work. According to obligatory law our office is insured against civil liability for provided services.

Our team is composed of highly qualified employees. Beside the job, accountancy is also our hobby, that’s why we’re willingly deepening our knowledge every day.

We remain at your disposal. We invite to submit price query by telephone or e-mail.